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Why Choose Neighborhood Advisors?

1. We represent the best insurance companies; We will guide you through the process to select the insurance company that provides the best coverage for the most competitive price. We represent financially strong companies with a solid history of claim handling experience and competitive rates. Our main focus is to find the insurance coverage that best suits your financial needs and provides you the best options.

2. We will guide you throughout the claim process; We will help you to determine if filing a claim is in your best interest when you have suffered a loss. We review deductibles that may apply and advise if filing a claim will affect your future insurance premiums. When a claim is filed, we will stay involved throughout the process.

3. We are highly trained; Our entire staff is comprised of licensed professionals which have classroom and on the job training. Each staff member has passed state insurance examinations and are licensed to explain insurance coverage’s.

4. We truly are advisors… pressure approach: We take the time to explain coverage’s and how policies protect you. We will explain the differences in coverage’s; we will provide multiple proposals so you can select the correct level of coverage to suit your circumstances and budget. Simply put, we inform and educate so you can make an informed decision.

5. We protect your family and possessions: Our strict training requirements and no pressure approach reflect the importance of knowledgeable and experienced insurance professionals. Selecting insurance strictly based on price is not recommended.

6. Privacy Policy: We will protect your personal information. We will shred and destroy all paperwork once it is uploaded and locked into our computer operating system. Our computer systems are software and password protected. We will not sell or provide your personal information to an outside company.

7. Quick response: We realize your time is valuable and will do our very best to answer your questions immediately. We answer our phone immediately and will not send you through a phone maze. Over 95% of all questions and requests for service are handled during the first phone call without having to make a return call. If you do leave a message for one of our staff members, we return all phone calls the same business day.

8. We save you money; By selecting the best insurance company with coverage levels appropriate to your specific circumstances, you save time and money. We are experienced in saving our customer’s money through a variety of services we offer. Whether we save you money by providing you with multiple companies to choose from or through our annual policy reviews designed to identify additional discounts, we will work to earn your business.

9. Experience; Not only do we have insurance experience; we also have real world experience. Many of the large national insurance companies have changed the rules in the past few years to cope with losses resulting from hurricanes, tornado’s, earthquakes and other natural disasters. We understand how dynamic the insurance marketplace has become and will do our very best to navigate through the changes to underwriting requirements.

10. We are willing to work hard for you; We are not afraid or intimidated by complex situations. We will not shy away from complex situations and policies which require a high level of experience and time to complete. We will do our very best for you!