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Neighborhood Advisors is an independent insurance agency with a long history of representing financially strong companies with a solid history of claim handling experience and competitive rates. We will guide you through the process to select the insurance company that provides the best coverage for the most competitive price. As our name implies, we are insurance advisors. We will take the time to explain insurance coverage’s and how policies protect you, your family and your possessions.

Neighborhood Advisors has a long history of serving and protecting our clients. Our history in Bloomsburg and Columbia County dates back to 1885. In 2001, Neighborhood Advisors acquired the Kenneth King Agency and also the Barton Agency. Neighborhood Advisors continued to steadily grow, acquiring the Lutz Agency in 2010. The Lutz Agency was one of the first agencies in Pennsylvania, having been founded in 1885 by the Lutz family. Each of these acquisitions enhanced the ability of Neighborhood Advisors to serve and protect our clients.